Monday, July 11, 2011

Yellow Pages tells Asheville's Dr. Roeder - No QR Code allowed in your ad

When Dr. Roeder got his new ConnectMe QR Code, he was excited. A better bridge had been made from the print to digital world. As a businesses that attempts to balance out their advertising, they still advertise in the Yellow Pages. We got a confirmation from CMQR that a 1 inch by 1 inch QR Code would work fine in the ad. When Dr. Roeder requested that his QR Image be inserted into his ad, he was denied by the Yellow Pages.

We hoped that the sales representative did not know what she was talking about, so we attempted to contact her, left several messages and never got a response. Is this another attempt at the print world trying to stop technology? And we thought we were past that lol.

Dr. Roeder has informed us that he may no longer be advertising in the Yellow Pages after this situation.

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