Friday, June 17, 2011

The official QR Code for QRCodeMedia!

We finally have our OFFICIAL QR Code from ConnectMe QR that we will use forever! The only code in the world that gives you a QR Code, URL, Public Dashboard Portfolio online, and Mobile Website & App! Technology is Amazing!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Take a peek at a ConnectMe QR Code

Here is an example of a branded ConnectMe QR Code. Beautiful! This branding will build a strong trust factor among many in the QR world.

Open an account and get your custom ConnectMe QR Code

ConnectMe QR iPhone and Droid App

Here is a great example of where visitors are taken to when they scan a ConnectMe QR Code on an iPhone or Droid App. Visitors could see a portfolio of icons such as Call Me, Email Me, Friend Me, Web, Photo Albums, Videos and so much more.

Open up an account with ConnectMe QR.

The 1st Branded QR Code in the World - by ConnectMe QR

Here is a quick video about ConnectMe QR Code and how it works.